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Vassilios Tsapatoris on 09 Oct 2018 02:10:47

Since dashboards are the primary option to display and distribute information generated from Power BI (or other sources), I think it is time that Microsoft provides users with a more comprehensive tool (like Power BI Desktop) to create and manage dashboards.

The existing functionality may be enough to create and distribute dashboards, but it is not providing the ability to have complete control in the design, development and management of dashboards.

For example:

1. Limited options in the formatting of the dashboard page and the tiles themselves (fonts, colors, sizes, titles etc.).
2. When the content or the filters of the underlying report is changed, it is required to check and edit every single dashboard, a tile at a time.
3. Dashboards with a big number of tiles become unmanageable, since adding or moving a tile is very slow (the browser seems unresponsive).
4. There is no option to set a "dashboard master" layout, so that formatting across dashboards remains consistent.
5. Tiles retain their state at the time that they were pinned. There should be an option that controls whether the tile content remains as defined at the time of pinning, or it obeys the design of the source report.

The above points are some of the main issues we have come across. We think that a dedicated editing tool for dashboards would be a great addition going forward.