Allow a user to set the default value for a slicer or tile-by value on a page/dashboard, so that when the Power View page is opened for the first time, the default value is selected.
eg. If the page has a slicer for Year or Month, allow the user to configure the most recent Year or Month to be selected by default.
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Update 10/20/2022 - Update from Mo - we are working on this in the new year

Thanks for everyone's votes and comments. This is a feature on our backlog; however we cannot share a timeline at the moment.

It looks like many of the requests will be addressed by the new 'Sticky filters' capability. Now when you log out of Power BI and come back to a report, the same items will be selected as when you left. For those who're looking to have a 'last month' selection, the relative date slicer might help. Those with comments about currencies where having multiple selected makes the report meaningless - the report will load with whatever selection the author saved, so if you save it with one currency selected your users will see that by default. If there are scenarios that these features don't address, please let us know in your comments - if you are really specific it'll help us build the feature to work just the way you want! Thanks again!


Add a default to the time slicer so the report always defaults to the most recent date available when the report opens and continue to provide the flexibility for a user to change the date.


Allow Slicers to be preset based on defined criteria (i.e. DAX formula or other developer input).

For example, a dashboard that displays KPI data based on the current week end date. On displaying the dashboard the screen should default to the current end date with the user having the optional ability to set the date slicer for previous weeks.

At a stretch you could have a button with a bookmark action to run some DAX that could set the date slicer to the latest end date.

Taking this further you could also reverse and forward the slicer to the next selection (via DAX or other command/action).


A workaround for this issue with easy UX:


Having date slicers default to a date automatically based on a measure. As an example:
Default Date = UTCNOW() - (4/24) ->bringing it to todays date but in EST time zone.

The idea is to be able to use the calendar select feature of date range but have the start / end date be specified by two measures.
The current solution of using text like yesterday or today in place of date is creating problems. Since clients like to use a calender view to set the date.


Here is a use case where being able to set a default value is really vital.

I have a report which is used by multiple people, each of whom needs to see management information for their environment(s). They have a drop-down (slicer) to allow them to pick an environment. Currently, I'm using row level security to ensure they see their own environments, and not each others'. However... the default environment (the last value I saved with) is shown to ALL users when they access the table. This is a security issue and a usability issue, as the users are super confused about why they are seeing an environment which isn't theirs- and they are being shown information that they do not have permissions to see! Once they select a value, then they can only see their data, but it's not good.

My plan was to just select all environments each time before I save (then by default they see aggregated data relating to just their environments)- but that requires me to allow multiple select, which doesn't make sense for the users or the interface.

I really don't want to have to create a "dummy default environment" as it will make it much, much harder to manage all my aggregation measures (I have to report on matters relating to all environments in a given business line, as well as on individual environments).


please we need this.


It's 2021 and we still need this capability in reports! 

The requirement that I have for the report - every time when my end-user opens a report - display the range of dates automatically filtered to the "last half-year" and at the same time - when the end-user wants to change that range to 5 years or 8 months- he can do it. 

With the relative date slicer, it's not possible, because I can't guess what my end-user wants to see every time when he uses the report.

'Sticky filters' capability - doesn't solve this case too, because every month I want to see different values in default slicers.

Thanks in advance!


The "sticky filters" capability will not work to handle the idea of a default relative date filter that can easily be changed to a between date period of any length.

Currently, my users have been trained to use the filter pane for dates, and I have enabled the ability to change the filter type.  However, the 'is on or after' and 'is on or before' is not as intuitive for the end-users as having a slicer with a slider on it.   If I could let them change the SLICER type, I might be good with that solution.

Ideally, my users would like to have a slicer where they can slide to select start and end dates, but have it always 'roll forward' to the most recent period. 

Example, user chooses a 12 month period on the slicer, closes the report, and when they re-open a month later, they want the start and end dates to advance a month so that while the report is still showing a 12 month period, it's now a recent 12 months.


This is extremely important feature to have in my industry dashboards.


This is my explanation: