Allow a user to set the default value for a slicer or tile-by value on a page/dashboard, so that when the Power View page is opened for the first time, the default value is selected.
eg. If the page has a slicer for Year or Month, allow the user to configure the most recent Year or Month to be selected by default.
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Update 10/20/2022 - Update from Mo - we are working on this in the new year

Thanks for everyone's votes and comments. This is a feature on our backlog; however we cannot share a timeline at the moment.

It looks like many of the requests will be addressed by the new 'Sticky filters' capability. Now when you log out of Power BI and come back to a report, the same items will be selected as when you left. For those who're looking to have a 'last month' selection, the relative date slicer might help. Those with comments about currencies where having multiple selected makes the report meaningless - the report will load with whatever selection the author saved, so if you save it with one currency selected your users will see that by default. If there are scenarios that these features don't address, please let us know in your comments - if you are really specific it'll help us build the feature to work just the way you want! Thanks again!


Sticky filters are not useful because they save the user's last selection.

We need an option for reports to default to today's date so that each day they load the page it shows TODAY'S data or today minus 3 days ir whatever value our processes require.

The relative date slider is useless because it locks users out of the ability to change dates on demand.

They can't go and select multiple dates to see different days of production runs or sales or related values.


Why is no progress being made yet on this?

It's a simple ask.


The preselected slicers visual referred to below has too many limitations. For example, it does not accommodate a date range slicer.

If you would like to have a pre-filed in date range of 8/1/21 - 8/23/2022 (incrementing dynamically each day and month in order to include prior 13 calendar months including the current), there is no way to do that.

All slicers in Power BI need to accommodate some DAX so that a value can be pre-populated but changed by the user. While the preselected slicer offers some help, the functionality is too basic.


BEFORE YOU VOTE: This is already possible with the Preselected Slicer visual from Insiders.coop.


Just checking if this is on the agenda for Power BI? We need a way to select default values for all kinds of slicers. In my case, I would like to provide default dates in a date slicer (that change based on the current date, not fixed). The relative date slicer is not sufficient as it removes the ability of users to select their own date range specifically if they don't want the pre-chosen date range by the relative component.


The problem I've encountered is with having different clients using our reports. if the slicer has a value or (Blank) selected then the report doesn't work for most clients. It would be great for the slicer to select by default the first available option alphabetically (or however the data is sorted)


The main issue for me that the Administrator proposed solutions don't address for many of my report cases is that while the dataset for a report might refresh daily, the report itself might only be edited every few months or less. If I have a report that shows data summarized by hour, for example, and allow the user to select a day to view that hourly data, the slicer will be set to whatever date it was at when I last saved the report. A year later, that data might not even be in the report as I might only allow browsing the last 3 month's data. I can't use the Relative Date slicer because it does not offer any ability for the user to view a single day from 3 weeks ago, or even a single day from 2 days ago (or, more commonly, Friday's data after returning form the weekend on Monday). The data may be meaningless if they use "Last 3 Days" to view Friday's data because then each hour's data will be aggregated with Saturday's and Sunday's data.

Using two date slicers - last 3 Months relative and a normal list or dropdown - doesn't solve the problem either as the normal dropdown slicer could still by default select a date outside the three month period of the relative slicer, resulting in an empty set, and now the user has two slicers to manage just to get the same data they can get with one. Being able to use a normal date slicer that simply defaults to yesterday or the previous weekday would be ideal so that it is always fresh regardless of how long ago the report was modified.


7 years after the idea was first posted, soon 1,5 year after it's been changed to "Under review" we have no news on this.

We should have something working as SSRS does, with default values (start & end date for example) which can be changed. This idea should never have existed in the first place, as it's an obivous feature to implement.


First I agree that this should be out of the box.

But there is a custom visual that allows you to do this.



One way this could be implemented is by adding a "Default" option in the slicer detail pane. Then allow either a relative date or dax formula to specify the starting date range desired.