Allow a user to set the default value for a slicer or tile-by value on a page/dashboard, so that when the Power View page is opened for the first time, the default value is selected.
eg. If the page has a slicer for Year or Month, allow the user to configure the most recent Year or Month to be selected by default.
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Update 10/20/2022 - Update from Mo - we are working on this in the new year

Thanks for everyone's votes and comments. This is a feature on our backlog; however we cannot share a timeline at the moment.

It looks like many of the requests will be addressed by the new 'Sticky filters' capability. Now when you log out of Power BI and come back to a report, the same items will be selected as when you left. For those who're looking to have a 'last month' selection, the relative date slicer might help. Those with comments about currencies where having multiple selected makes the report meaningless - the report will load with whatever selection the author saved, so if you save it with one currency selected your users will see that by default. If there are scenarios that these features don't address, please let us know in your comments - if you are really specific it'll help us build the feature to work just the way you want! Thanks again!


I may have spoken too soon - I see that at least some of the filters do currently have the a 'Single Select' mode in the Slicer settings.


This feature would greatly increase the usability of the BI dashboards for ongoing reporting. As is, many day-to-day reports show nonsensical data on loading due to the fact that selection cannot be restricted to a single date.

In my opinion, it would be better for the report author to be able to explicitly encode their intent rather than requiring each individual report user to learn how to work around such a limitation.


My client's report updates every pay date with new data.

It is incredibly frustrating that I have to explain to them and my boss all the complications involved with the seemingly simple task of having a slicer default to the latest pay date upon refresh.

This is my 3RD CONSECUTIVE client with this request!


This request has been outstanding for so long... How are small but very important features like this deprioritized? If they were prioritized, why can't a timeline be provided? This is precisely why I stopped using Tableau in favor of Power BI (old and much needed community requests being ignored in favor of checking the boxes for Gartner). It is hard to sell Power BI to new users and customers when it frequently fails to deliver on no-brainer features or requires hacky workarounds.


So necessary for month on month reporting or forecasting - please allow us to set a default slicer setting for between slicers using a relative date.

E.g. when the user opens the report they can see a between slicer that is pre-configured to the next 12 calendar months, which updates each time they open the report assuming they haven't changed the slicer. Resetting to default should reinherit the relative date that was initially set by the author.


Setting the values of the "Between" slicer dynamically (IE - Based on Measures), is very much needed. That's not to say that we are limiting the slicer to only these values, but rather setting the slicer to default to these selected values by default. Please please please, the workaround for this is horrendous


It is important for me to note that the real difficulty is to build a slicer between two dates with default values



Another frustrated user who wants to be able to have default dates shown, that are dynamic and don't limit the dates available to pick.

For example, we'd like to have a date slicer range that defaults to the prior month start date and the prior month end date. Or from 8 days ago to yesterday. Or from the start of our financial year to yesterday.

Obviously these needs to change as time progresses.

The users also need to be able to pick any date range they like, ie not limited to these ranges.

I have spend DAYS trawling the internet and messing around in Power BI to get this working.

Hope this requirement is clear and can be incorporated soon.


I would like to set the max value of a date slicer to current date BY DEFAULT !

Thanks ! :)


I totally agree and support the comment posted by Joshua Flory recently. It is so annoying and this is the basic requirement. I spent days trying to figure out how to make this work.

When a report consumer view the report, it is only natural that they want to see the visuals in the current date and not some date previously selected when the developer published the report. If the slicer is a date slicer (time intelligence) then it will be year, month and day. If the slicer is some other text slicer, then there should be an option for the developer to set the default slicer value to display. A simple example, if it is a Product slicer, then the developer may want to display Product A by default unless otherwise selected by the report consumer.

Hope the above descriptions can help the PBI team to develop this functionality into PBI soon.