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Deployment Rules as an Artifact in Deployment Pipelines with Git Integration

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John Kerski on 24 Nov 2023 11:48:28

I’d like to see Microsoft make deployment rules an artifact of its own and integrated with Git. This would support the concept of Infrastructure as code (IaC) which Microsoft says "avoids manual configuration to enforce consistency". For medium-to-large Fabric implementations the number of rules to manage and review becomes unwieldly; furthermore, not being aware of differences (i.e., a lack of a rule defined in production) between workspaces can be a big risk. Providing that feature would help mitigate that risk.

Administrator on 12 Dec 2023 18:47:19

Hi John, thank you for this feedback!
We are working these days on a similar offering - The option to add a new item in a workspace to hold its variables, while some of them could alternate deployment rules we have today, and this item would be supported by Git integration and deployment pipelines.