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Gateway requests targeting SSAS should include a source property for cache refreshes

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on 16 Jan 2018 05:46:50

We have reports that are consuming data from tabular models on on-premises Analysis Services. And we're using Power BI Embedded, and we're specifying the EffectiveUserName property when obtaining the embed token.

In conjunction with this, we're required to log users who are accessing the on-premises servers and tabular models. And extended events provide most of the necessary data we need to measure. We're continually loading this data to a database and analyzing it.

The problem is that the data include requests/queries that are being executed by the Power BI service from dataset and report cache refreshes. According to Josh Caplan at Microsoft, it's a report refresh we cannot control and have no visibility to.

We need to be able to identify queries executed to refresh a cache, or to be able to enable/disable any content cache functionality (in the same manner we can control Dataset refreshes).