The recent addition of conditional formatting for values is wonderful. However, it would be great to have the ability format subtotals and totals, as the variation on those fields are often even more important to draw attention to.

Thanks everyone for your votes on this feature! With the April 2020 release of Power BI Desktop this is now available! https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-bi-desktop-april-2020-feature-summary/#_Conditional_formatting Please keep commenting on this feature with other feedback, we check the Completed items as well as ones that are still active.


UP! Should be standard functionality in any matrix.


I (almost) can't live without it. Entire report was discards due to this missing functionality.

This feature is essential to successful data presentations!

Up! Please :-)


add please - this should be basic requirement

Please Add Conditional Formatting for sub total and total

How many Year we have to Vote and wait for this basic need.. Why Power BI Team Why... ?

Should be an easy fix for you guys... come on! ;-)