The recent addition of conditional formatting for values is wonderful. However, it would be great to have the ability format subtotals and totals, as the variation on those fields are often even more important to draw attention to.

Thanks everyone for your votes on this feature! With the April 2020 release of Power BI Desktop this is now available! https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-bi-desktop-april-2020-feature-summary/#_Conditional_formatting Please keep commenting on this feature with other feedback, we check the Completed items as well as ones that are still active.


will be grate to have this option

This is a big need for any financial department. It is important to show red negatives in matrices in order to make the important numbers stand out. The conditional formatting to display negative numbers in red is useless if I cannot do the same for the subtotals and grand total numbers.

I know this issue seems minor to MS, but matrices with conditional formating, while not sexy, are widely used. and the conditional formatting missing from subtotals is the first thing the users notice when using our reports
Also, don't forget to add a switch to turn off Grand Totals separately from Subtotals. And please add set column widths.

when will this feature be implemented?

An imp feature missing. Hopefully this will be implemented soon

would love to see this implemented as quickly as possible, we have a number of power bi users at bluescope and for reporting purposes will make the visuals tell the story more quickly

Hello Power BI team,

I'm really sad that is is still in backlog and has been for over a year. Business users are really requesting this often.

We need it urgently!
A possible alternative would be to create a dax function that returns RGB Collor formatting

please do make this happen

This functionality is REALLY needed