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Add support for Dynamic Map Shape boundary changes

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Michael Barry on 03 Sep 2023 22:04:05

We have multiple layers of custom built map shapes that we use in our data model via GeoJSON. We currently use the GeoJSON shape definitions in Snowflake to identify which map shape a given point falls within. However, we have no way to plot and visualize these map shapes in Power BI. The current map feature in Beta preview does not address the need.

It requires loading a pre-defined shape into Power BI Desktop and using that shape layer in the mapping visual. But if the shape definition changes, it requires re-loading and re-building visuals.

Instead, there is a need to be able to visualize in a map shape definitions stored as GeoJSON from inside the connected Dataset model. For example, if there is a table 'Custom Sales Regions' and one of the columns is [Region GeoJSON], then we should be able to use [Region GeoJSON] to plot and visualize the shape of the regions in the map visual. If the definition of a region's shape is re-set in the GeoJSON, then the visual would respond automatically next time the connection to the dataset refreshes.