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Publish only structure and not data

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Power BI Ideas Admin on 04 Jun 2020 15:54:26

The ability to publish only structure and not data would be really nice.

today if I want to make a minor change (eg. correct a spelling error on a button) I Have 2 options :

1) Uploade the change without updating data and hope no one uses the report until next update so data is 4 days old for 2 hours. (Holds breath)

2) click Refresh, wait for Power BI to refresh 1 GB of data, save the dax file, publish = im waiting 5-10 minutes

Taking this idea even further:
It would be super nice if the file was 1 part data and 1 part framework - this would also mean i could save changes in a 1gb file in milliseconds and not in minutes.