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Native resolution of report snapshots in subscription emails

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jj on 24 Oct 2018 16:11:18

Currently the resolution of the snapshots sent out via email for the subscribed reports is extremely low and useless for the majority of our reports. The snapshot should be sent at the native resolution of the report, i.e. if a report page size is set to 1280 x 720 pixels, the snapshot should also be 1280 x 720 pixels, or if the page is set to 1632 x 2112 pixels, so should be the snapshot.

Without this the emailed snapshots are completely useless, and our users (mostly senior management) require a lot of their reports emailed to them to be able to view them at any point while not online (e.g. on a plane). Till this feature is not implemented it'll be very difficult to get buy in from them to use Power BI, and we'll have to rely on other tools such as SSRS or switch from Power BI to another tool which supports this, e.g. Tableau.