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Option to minimize (collapse) any visual (slicer, chart...) to unclutter "busy" pages

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on 12 May 2016 15:35:33

Allow the possibility to minimize visuals to show only its title.
For example, a series of slicers could occupy a reduced space while allowing the user expanding any of them on demand to perform the selections. Same thing for e.g. charts; the user would expand only those charts that suit his/her preference (ad-hoc)
The purpose would be to "lean" pages with many visuals (slicers, charts....) that can then be used on demand.
The settings of the visual (Format > General) could provide two sets of position and size values; one for the (normal) maximized state and another for the (optional) minimized state of the visual.
Switching between the maximized and minimized state of a visual could be done e.g. double clicking on the title?
Imagine a page with a "battery" of slicers aligned on the left and a "battery" of charts aligned on the top, leaving the center area of the page as an "empty" space to be occupied by the chart(s) that the user decides to maximize.....