At the moment, there is only sending out the snapshot of the report, if it can be done by PDF format, that will be great.

Needs Votes



To view the static content in PDF for the customer, it should not require a pro license.

Consider and enable PDF in Subscribe



We are moving from Qlik to PowerBI. It seems you need to have Premium to schedule emails with reports in PDS format to customers or suppliers.
It should not be this hard. Qlik has NPrinting where you can schedule emailing reports in all kinds of formats and even drop them to a fileshare.
Power BI needs to step up here. We don't want to force suppliers or customers to login to Power BI.


In PNG format, the text boxes all move to the top left, no matter where they are placed on the page. This could be a result of the new Grouping feature. I can't test it to see what is causing the issue, since I can't preview in PNG in the Desktop app. Also, my phone won't open a PNG file without me downloading a PNG reader, while PDF readers are stock in all phones.