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The new Group feature is not available after I upgraded to October, 2016

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Peter Wickwire on 01 Nov 2016 21:23:49

I have tried to access the function on both existing bar charts, and on bar charts in reports that I have created from scratch. I select 2 bars in a bar chart using CTRL-Select, and right click on one of the bars. Per the documentation, I should see GROUP as one of the options. However, I do see "include / exclude" but I do not see GROUP. I receive no error, it's just not there. It is also not there when I right click on the attribute in the field list, again, per the documentation I should. the new BIN feature does not appear as well where it should. also, I have reproduced the above in two different environments with 2 different installations of the October, 2016 release. Please help as this is a great new feature.