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Audience Feature - Ability extract a list of audience members across all apps for proper governance

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Richard Appleton on 16 Feb 2023 10:46:58

As the new audience feature is a game changer for managing content within an app to specific groups of users, the ability to have sight of all of these audience members for all apps across all workspaces is an absolute must for proper governance, especially when operating Power BI at scale for large organisations.

Currently we use AD groups to manage user access at scale, and we have sight of which AD groups have permissions across apps/workspaces/datasets, however with the introduction of audience it means that AD groups are now used in difference audiences. So to maintain proper governance we must be able to see which user has access to which audience(s), and having a function to extract/view this data is crucial. Otherwise it is a manual job to check who or which AD group is given permissions in an audience.

Please vote this idea so we can all benefit ASAP.