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Liquid error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

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Comments (Liquid error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.)
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Zhiquan Lu on 17 Feb 2023 14:13:02


highly needed

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Christopher Griggs on 17 Feb 2023 13:47:27


There are so manny things we should be able to do with planner data. Also, being able to add additional data elements, but if not, at least to be able to do so in BI... please... please... please... soon.

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Mike Swartzentruber on 17 Feb 2023 12:58:19


I too absolutely agree with Ananth,

BC Tasks need big revamp:

1. Users should be able to create tasks from any master data. (Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns, Customers, Vendors, Fixed Assets, Items, GL Accounts, Dimensions, Locations etc).

2. Creating tasks should be as simple as planner and easily assignable to other users.

3. Easy to schedule and send reminders for overdue tasks either by notification or SMS or Email.

4. Easy to see tasks in a calendar page.

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Britt Erikstrup Jørgensen on 17 Feb 2023 12:42:14


As part of the import routine it should be possible to create a class to calculate the cross rates for currency pairs not found in the import.


Imported currency pairs:





for a Danish company we also need calculation for the following pairs.




Since all imported currency pairs supplies the exchange rates needed for calculation of the missing ones, It should be possible to do so within the import function followed by a calculation automatically tricked after the import.

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Ralf Escher on 17 Feb 2023 12:02:43


I encountered the same problem.

Therefore I added some code to our Install routine to create the necessary translation for English country names, based on

Due to the comment size limit I could not add the whole code.

   local procedure AddCountryRegionTranslation()
        CountryRegionTranslation: Record "Country/Region Translation";
        EnglishLanguageTok: Label 'ENU', Locked = true;
        if not CountryRegionTranslation.IsEmpty() then

        SetCountryRegionTranslation('AQ', EnglishLanguageTok, 'Antarctica');
        SetCountryRegionTranslation('CO', EnglishLanguageTok, 'Colombia');
        SetCountryRegionTranslation('MQ', EnglishLanguageTok, 'Martinique');
        SetCountryRegionTranslation('NE', EnglishLanguageTok, 'Niger');

    local procedure SetCountryRegionTranslation(CountryCode: Code[10]; LanguageCode: Code[10];
CountryName: Text[50])
        CountryRegion: Record "Country/Region";
        CountryRegionTranslation: Record "Country/Region Translation";
        if not CountryRegion.Get(CountryCode) then

        if CountryRegionTranslation.Get(CountryCode, LanguageCode) then

        CountryRegionTranslation.Validate("Country/Region Code", CountryCode);
        CountryRegionTranslation.Validate("Language Code", LanguageCode);
        CountryRegionTranslation.Validate(Name, CountryName);
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on 17 Feb 2023 10:25:58


This would be very useful. Community needs it as you can see on GitHub ->

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Linda Eriksen on 17 Feb 2023 09:30:26


It must be possible to run sales tax reports in sales tax currency as long as there is an option in D365 to set the sales tax currency to another currency than accounting or reporting currency. This functionality is required by a lot of our customers.

Please consider this in future releases.

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Lucian C on 17 Feb 2023 09:25:20



I don't like this feature neither. Or at least not in this implementation, because the base idea is very good.

I have lost hours of my time and MS Support technicians because of this "new feature" added since July 2022 - "Display name support for the Dataverse connector" but only today I've needed to work with dataverse, instead of SQL Server.

This "feature" it breaks all the logic of the Power Query. 👿

Why would Microsoft apply some changes AFTER my Power Query changes. Why a column rename should be done in the model and loose any track of that change?

So Microsoft, please don't do any changes behind my back. The initial idea is very good, I need most of the time the display name of the dataverse fields. But instead of forcing the name change, with this "invisible step", I would prefer to clearly see that change where is supposed to be - in Power Query!

Instead, you could add a "default" step as you do with Excel files - "promoted headers", or as you did once in Dataflows - "map to entity", so I could choose to delete or modify as I need, and track that changes.

So, I consider this "Display name support for the Dataverse connector" not a "feature" but an "issue" that add undesired and untraceable changes in my data.

Kind Regards,


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Savas Yalcin on 17 Feb 2023 08:52:50


Status is planned but it's not shown in any release wave. When can we expect this?

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Shafeeque Mohammed on 17 Feb 2023 08:41:31


Similar to how Dynamics 365 e-Commerce is generating the channel reference ID, we need the option to randomize the numbers for the gift cards and credit notes.