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David Purdy's profile image

David Purdy on 2023-06-29 18:27:30


Add support for identity columns in Fabric warehouses.

Identity columns are a common method for generating surrogate keys in data warehousing scenarios implemented on SQL Server. By adding support for identity columns in Fabric, users could migrate their warehouse workloads from SQL Server to Fabric, without having to make drastic changes to thei...


Peri Rocha (administrator)

Thanks for your feedback! This feature is currently planned for 2024. 

UPDATE: while we're working to deliver this, if you currently need an alternative to IDENTITY columns you can use this workaround documented by our team: Generate unique identifiers in a warehouse table in Microsoft Fabric - Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn

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Sam Debruyn's profile image

Sam Debruyn on 2023-06-18 15:38:49


Support for nested WITH statements

TL;DR: nested WITH statements are supported in all modern data warehouses, lakehouses, and database engines except for Fabric & T-SQL products. This makes the usage of SQL templating engines unnecessarily complex.Fabric supports regular WITH statements like the following:...


Xiaoyu Li (administrator)

Thanks for your feedback.  We are working on adding the support of nested CTE to Fabric Warehousing.  

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Christian Harrington's profile image

Christian Harrington on 2023-06-19 16:30:26


Fabric Warehouse table support for Primary Key enforced

Warehouse tables don't support Primary Key enforced right now.With this limitation we cannot use apps writing to the database using a primary key.The scenario we are trying to use is PowerApps writing to Fabric Warehouse. But there could be many others, any scenario requir...

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Christoph Mettler's profile image

Christoph Mettler on 2023-05-30 11:45:19


extent storage capacity of varchar(8000) to varchar(max)

The maximum string length of 8000 is often considered too short to store longer descriptive data or embed a JSON value within a text field in a database. Dividing the data into smaller chunks and store them across multiple text fields or in separate tables is unnecessarily cumbersome.da...


Bogdan Crivat (administrator)

We're working on this. We'll share details as soon as we have a clear timeline.

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Boby Azarbod's profile image

Boby Azarbod on 2023-08-22 17:37:59


Add Support Merge Statements for Data Warehousing in Fabric

Merge statements simplify the amount of SQL development and logic needed to synchronize data to a table.


Mariya Ali (administrator)

Thanks for your feedback. We are working on this; more details to come soon.

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Alexandru Dinica's profile image

Alexandru Dinica on 2023-11-08 08:45:10


Custom DNS Fabric Synapse

Custom DNS is possible for formerly SQL DW and not for Synapse workspace. It would be great to have it in Fabric DW as there is a lot of hustle to do it now.Current way to do it:

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Andy Cutler's profile image

Andy Cutler on 2023-06-30 06:43:14


Support Multiple Collations

Hi,It would be great to have lakehouse and warehouse support different collations, specifically case sensitive and case insensitive.At the moment we are able to create objects that are named the same but in different casing, this can be confusing....


Kevin Conan (administrator)

We are currently working on this feature.

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Christian Harrington's profile image

Christian Harrington on 2023-11-03 19:08:25


Lakehouse Shortcuts available in Warehouse also

The Lakehouse shortcuts are great for sure. But why can't I create some from a Warehouse? This should be available as well. Many scenarios will focus only on warehouse not lakehouse. Or make Lakehouse shortcuts available from the Warehouse? Yes I know we can query them from t...

Needs Votes

Peri Rocha (administrator)

Thanks for posting your idea. Can you further expand on the scenarios where you would use shortcuts in Data Warehouse? Data ingestion? Querying external data? Any other scenarios you could share? 

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mimoune djouallah's profile image

mimoune djouallah on 2023-07-06 00:48:22


Unify Datamart product offering with Datawarehouse

Fabric DWH is really easy to set up and maintain, I don't think having two products Datamart and DWH make much sense today, let's focus on providing a great DWH experience in fabric instead of maintaining two product offerings.Using Fabric DWH, you can build different archite...

Under Review
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Bob Duffy on 2023-11-17 10:08:06


Add support for SSDT Schema Compare for DW and LH

Current Visual Studio supports All editions of SQL except Fabric.This is an essential tool quick ad hoc schema compares.Please consider adding support to SSDT for Fabric artefacts so that we can use SSDT.

Under Review

Salil Kanade (administrator)

We've recently released SQL database projects support for Fabric Warehouse in Azure Data Studio and Visual Studio Code - which also includes support for schema compare. Would love to understand whether this satisfies your requirements or if you're specifically looking support in SSDT?